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 by Rickr1960

Great game ! Brings back memories when computer games were a lot simpler, but fun. What more can I say, but it's great to see old games coming back.

 by Sap357

I'd like to write a long heart felt review but it is too emotional to do because this game means so much to me, I'll just start crying. All I can say is ..... THANK YOU Wow I didn't see this coming! Great new update, the modern version is awesome looking, big changes. Plays a little smoother too. Wootwoot

 by Dan Parrott

Montezuma's Revenge is one of the greatest video games of all time and now it's available for Android.

 by Cimerians

First played this on the Colecovision and later on on the Commodore 64 way back when it first came out 83/84? I thought it was one of the best games around at the time extremely well done memorized the whole thing 'cause I played it so much. The controls in this are very well done I believe the game might have been slowed down slightly for modern analog sticks. There's global leaderboards and possibly other features coming soon. It's a hidden classic gem and well worth the price tag.