Retro Cartridges

We are excited to announce two retro cartridges. The new version for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) has been successfully funded on Kickstarter and is now released in digital and soon physical, Development is underway on the updated Atari 800 version.

NES – “The Forgotten Version” The game was a hit on the Sega Master System, but it was the NES that dominated the 90’s console market. Montezuma’s Revenge was available on nearly every game console except this goliath.

We have successfully funded this project via Kickstarter. Physical cartridges are due in December 2022.

Atari – “The Director’s Cut” This will be the completion of my original vision. In 1983, the publisher took my original demo and reduced it. My intentions at the time was to release it on disk for 48k systems. The original demo had the Montezuma boss but he was impossible to beat. Real game video used in artist’s rendition.