The object of the game is simple – survive, explore and escape. The treasures are yours for the taking if you have the skills. Rumor has it that the exit on the lowest level.

Pedro is the hero of Montezuma’s Revenge. He can be controlled via game controller, keyboard or onscreen for touch devices.
Snakes must be jumped over.
The bat can be dodged by escaping the room.
Swords can only be used once. Use them wisely!
Scepters can only be used once and will remove themselves from inventory.
Keys can only be used once. Pedro might not need every key he encounters.
Every 20000 points starting at level 5.

Every gem you collect takes you closer to an extra life award.
You will need to navigate in the dark in higher levels.
Masks are a new feature. Three masks are hidden on every level. Your best mask completion is indicated in the level menu.

The Mask Finder points to the nearest mask without regard to walls.

Pedro can only hold 5 items in inventory. When the inventory is full he can not collect more keys.